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Art New York is an internship program that is exclusive to the University of Rochester—and is the learning experience of a lifetime! It immerses you in the stimulating art environment of New York City, the global hub of the contemporary art scene and a major center for the exhibition, conservation, and trade in artworks.

You will have the opportunity to experience New York’s rich and varied cultural life while pursuing a combination of classroom learning and hands-on experience. Participation in the program will enrich your understanding of the operation of the art world, and offer an insight into further study and career opportunities.

Art New York is integral to the Department of Art and Art History’s belief in the marriage of theory and practice. The program offers an exciting opportunity for career development to prospective artists, art historians, museum and gallery professionals, curators; those who envisage a career in art journalism, arts administration and management, advertising; or those who simply wish to gain an insider’s perspective on contemporary art and culture.

The Program

Academic excellence is the hallmark of the Art New York Program, and we work closely with you to help you reach your academic, personal, and professional goals. The program, which combines an internship with a colloquium and studio course, is administered by our department through a coordinator in Rochester.

It is offered to all qualified sophomore, junior and senior students interested in learning about how art gets made, how it reaches the public, and the process of its interpretation and display. Students will receive a total of sixteen credits for their Art New York semester—eight for the internship and four each for the colloquium and elective course. The sixteen credit hours for Art New York will make for a full semester course load, which will make full-time student aid available for that semester.

1. Art New York Colloquium (4 credits)
2. Art New York Field Studio (4 credits)
3. Independent Study – Internship (8 credits)

Over the last several years that Art New York has been offered, the program has steadily grown, now hosting an average of about 14 students per semester. Originally, the students were all from within the Department of Art and Art History; now the students are mostly from other departments, and many are from outside of the humanities. The majors of Art New York students have included:

Mechanical engineering
Engineering Science
Biomedical Engineering
Political Science and Philosophy
Brain and Cognitive Science
Brain and Cognitive Science and Art
Anthropology and English
Interdepartmental Degree in
Theatre/Film and Media.
Physics and Astronomy
Film and Media Studies
FMS/Cert in Marketing
FMS and Computer Science
Art History
Art History and Political Science
Studio Art
Studio Art and Computer Science
Studio Art and English
Studio Art and Psychology

Consequently, the diversity of internships has expanded from internships within visual art (galleries, museums, non-profit visual art sector) to include internships in architecture, film and media, theatre, art therapy, special effects and props, the music industry and PR/marketing, and continues to grow and adapt to fields of interest to the individual students.

Internships have been hosted by several prominent institutions, including the following:
Interests Institution
Animation and Visual Effects Freed Pictures
Curious Pictures
Animation Collective
Architecture McBride and Associates
Loading Dock 5
Art Therapy Creative Art Workshops for Kids
Film Production Tribeca Film Center
Lucky Diamond Productions
Emerging Pictures
Engel Entertainment, Inc.
Special Effects and Props ICBA
Publishing / Layout Time Out NY
Brooklyn Rail Newspaper
Interests Institution
Public Relations / Marketing Paul Taylor Dance Company
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council
Columbia Pictures
Popular Media NBC
Atlantic Records
United for Opportunity
Music Industry
Island Def Jam
Photography International Center of Photography
Patrick McMullan Photography Company
Theatre Roundabout Theatre Company
Printmaking Lower East Side Printshop
Contemporary Art / Gallery / Eyebeam
Curation Per Cent for Art
Artist’s Space

The Internship (Eight Credits)

Each student will intern in an institution approved by the art and art history faculty. The purpose of the internship is to give students an insider’s view of the workings of the art world.

Internships seek to make use of students’ particular abilities, such as a foreign language or computer skills. At the same time, students will learn how individual art institutions go about their day-to-day business, and about the functioning of the art world more generally. Students will document their work as a part of the learning experience, and as a means of evaluation. Students will also gain special skills to acquire the internship: writing CVs and cover letters, going through a job search, interview skills, decision making, etc.

All interns work approximately 15 hours per week.

The Colloquium (Four Credits)

As an integral part of the internship program, all students participating in Art New York will meet weekly at a colloquium directed by a University of Rochester faculty member. The purpose of the colloquium is to provide an intellectual framework for understanding the operations of the New York art world and to allow students to discuss their experiences in an academic context.

The colloquium will provide students with a structured series of discussions led by the colloquium director or another Rochester faculty member. Students will have the opportunity to discuss their experiences with each other, and to understand how Art New York fits in with their academic and professional goals. They will receive advice on exhibitions to visit, be assigned relevant readings, and be expected to keep a written record of their experiences that will form part of the assessment package.

The Field Studio (Four Credits)

The studio course will utilize the resources of New York City as a starting point for creative production. The course will be conducted primarily online, with face-to-face meetings with the professor spread throughout the semester. Projects will take students outside into the city to make art with a rotating variety of media, including photography, video, sound, and installation, with an emphasis on collaboration.


Students will be responsible for securing their own housing in New York City, with assistance from the program manager. There are several excellent residences that cater to students living in New York City for a short period of time. They are located throughout Manhattan, as well as in nearby Brooklyn. More information on housing will be provided to the student on acceptance into the program.

For more information, email the program manager,  Megan Metté.


Peter Christensen, Director of Art New York
Megan Metté, Program Manager of Art New York
Department of Art and Art History
506 Morey Hall, Box 270456
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627

AAH Office: (585) 275-9249